St. Andrew’s Cares
As COVID-19 affected McCall, St. Andrew’s parishioners rallied to aid those hit hardest. Their initiative raised over $18,000, generously contributed by both parishioners and the wider community. Since March 2020, these funds have been distributed through esteemed local partners like Heartland Hunger (Food Bank), Shepherd’s Home, the Children’s Fund, McCall Public Schools, and Rise 2 Thrive. This incredible outpouring of support embodies our commitment to uplift and assist those facing adversity. St. Andrew’s remains steadfast in providing aid to our community during these challenging times, standing together in solidarity and care.

Monetary donations are always welcome and can be directed to St. Andrew’s Care Fund, Box 1045, McCall 83638. 

Support Groups
St. Andrew’s Church warmly hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, providing a supportive environment for individuals navigating their journey toward recovery from addiction. Our gatherings foster a sense of community, offering a safe space where members share experiences, find encouragement, and support one another without judgment. We believe in the strength of communal support and personal growth inherent in these meetings. Join us in these sessions to find understanding, solidarity, and the supportive community vital for navigating the challenges of addiction recovery.

Led by Reverend Shelley Platt in McCall and Reverend William Brown in the Treasure Valley, Wellspring embodies our commitment to providing compassionate pastoral care and support. Our dedicated team, include hospital chaplains, and extends comforting visits to those in hospitals or at home during times of illness, surgery, or confinement. Through healing prayer and intercession, we offer spiritual strength and solace. Wherever you are on life’s journey, Wellspring is here to provide personalized pastoral care, ensuring you feel supported, connected, and spiritually nurtured. For pastoral support or healing prayer, please reach out to us. We’re here to journey with you through life’s challenges.

Dedicated to the spiritual care and support of individuals in times of need, two of St. Andrew’s parishioners serve as trained chaplains. Under the esteemed guidance of St. Luke’s, these compassionate individuals from our congregation have undergone specialized training to serve as chaplains. They generously volunteer their time and expertise to visit patients at St. Luke’s Hospital in McCall, extending a comforting presence and spiritual companionship during their hospital stay. If you or a loved one would benefit from the support of our chaplains during a hospital stay, please reach out to our parish office for assistance.