St. Andrews Cares began as an effort by St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church to assist those suffering from complications brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. With Vestry approval, we established a committee to work with trusted partners in our community.

We wanted to demonstrate that St. Andrew’s is truly a community church, and that its members are involved, committed, and compassionate to those in need.

A St. Andrews Cares Committee was formed and began by looking for ‘trusted sponsors’ — organizations that would confidentially help us support those in need while maintaining each individual’s and family’s privacy. Our initial sponsors were the Heartland Hunger Food Bank and the Family Support Teams within the McCall/Donnelly School District. Since then we have added the Shepherd’s Home and the Children’s Community (Medical) Fund, and Rise2Thrive.

In the beginning, we observed that the success of the program would depend on the support of the donors. The biblical story of the good Samaritan traveler who was moved to compassion and caring to support an injured stranger is still apropos today. St. Andrew’s parishioners and others in our community have been very generous in donating to the cause.

The outpouring of assistance given graciously by parishioners and others in the community has been remarkable.   From April of 2020  to the present, over $18,000.has been donated and disbursed to through our trusted partner organizations in McCall: Heartland Hunger (Food Bank,) , Shepherd’s Home, the Children’s Fund, the McCall Public Schools and Rise 2 Thrive.

To contribute you may send a check made out to St. Andrew’s Cares

St, Andrew’s

PO Box 1045 McCall, Idaho 83638